Year 2015, Volume 28 , Issue 1, Pages 24 - 34 2015-09-30

How to approach castration-resistant prostate cancer?

Sevil BAVBEK [1]

The therapeutic landscape of castration-resistant prostate
cancer (CRPC) has changed dramatically in the last decade.
Previously, limited to castration, second-line hormonal
manipulations, and palliative treatment with mitoxantrone
plus prednisone, median overall survival (OS) remained
in the 9-18 months range. With multiple lines of survival
improving chemotherapies, AR-directed drugs, as well as
new immunotherapy and bone-directed therapies, median
OS increased to more than 30 months and quality of life
increased accordingly. The question remains, as how to
sequence, and choose the best therapeutic option for each
individual patient with the current data.
Keywords: Prostatic neoplasms, Castration-resistant,
Immunotherapy, Chemotherapy, Antineoplastic agents,
Hormonal, Radioimmunotherapy

Prostatic neoplasms, Castration-resistant, median overall survival (OS) remained in the 9-18
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Author: Sevil BAVBEK


Publication Date : September 30, 2015

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