Article Checklist

Before submitting your article to the World of Accounting Science via Dergipark, we kindly request you to consider (1) the article checklist and (2) the journal's author guidelines.

Below are the matters covered by the article checklist:

  1. When submitting your article to the journal, please submit your plagiarism report produced using a plagiarism program such as "itenticate" or "turnitine". Articles with a result of more than 20% will be rejected.
  2. The title and authors of the article should be left aligned. Each subsequent heading and beginning of each paragraph must begin with an indent of 0.5. In the references, the second line should start with a half tab.
  3. According to the page layout of the article on Word, it should be bottom 3 cm, top 3 cm, right 2.5 cm, left 2.5 cm.
  4. Rather than the word "summary", abstract should be used.
  5. Rather than JEL codes, JEL Classification should be written, and the word JEL should be written in capital letters.
  6. Keywords word should be written adjacent.
  7. Title and author names of the article should be 11 points regardless of the language of the article.
  8. Abstract, Keywords, JEL Classification, and English title and abstract for Turkish articles should be 10 pt. For articles in English, the Turkish title and abstract should be 10 points.
  9. The Times New Roman character should be used as 11 points throughout the text, starting from the introduction, including the references.
  10. The spacing in the text will be 0 pt first, then 6 pt and the text will be written with 1.5 line spacing.
  11. The abstract will not exceed 10 lines including keywords and JEL classification. Therefore, if it exceeds 10 lines, abbreviation will be requested. This rule, also, applies to the English abstract.
  12. All headings related to introduction, text, conclusion (except references) should be numbered and bold. Only 1 line space should be given before each main heading.
  13. First-degree titles should be “all caps”, others should be “only the first letter capitalized”.
  14. APA 7 rules should be taken into account when citing the sources in the references and preparing the references.
  15. In cases where there is more than one work by the same author published in the same year in the references, a, b, should be added at the end of the year.
  16. The title of the table should be placed above the table, the table name and description should be written in bold with the first letters capitalized. Table numbering should be in the form of Table 1. All edges of the table must be drawn. Tables should be in the width of the text and written in 10 points.
  17. The graphic / figure name should be under the graphic / figure, the graphic / figure name and explanation should be written in bold with the first letters capitalized. Chart numbering should be used as Chart 1. / Figure 1.
  18. If tables, figures and graphics have a source, the references should be written under the tables, figures and graphics in 10 points.
  19. References should be listed in alphabetical order according to the surname of the first author or the name of the institution.
  20. The initials of the authors should be used instead of the full name of the authors.
  21. The date of publication should be placed immediately after the author's name.
  22. The works of the same authors in the same year should be indicated with letters after the year.
  23. Bold should not be used anywhere in the references.
  24. Each author must have an ORCID number. Therefore, ORCID, a global academic identification number, must be obtained free of charge by all authors from
  25. As in the example below, the ORCID numbers should come after the authors' e-mail addresses, while the author's identity information is listed in the footnote.          
  26. The following information should be included as a footnote on the first page of the article:

            * Makale Geliş Tarihi (Date of Submission): …………; Makale Kabul Tarihi (Date of Acceptance): …………..

          ** Dokuz Eylül University, Vocational School of İzmir, Accounting and Taxation,,

      27. In accordance with the TR-Index 2020 criteria, the following information should be included between the end of the conclusion of the article and the references. Our March 2020 issue is the first application.

           Conflict of Interest: Is there a conflict of interest or not?

           Financial Support: Was the study funded by an institution?

           Acknowledgments: If there is a person or institution that was supported in the preparation of the study, it should be thanked.

      28. Authors' Contributions for multi-author studies in accordance with TR-Index 2021 criteria: Using the abbreviation of the authors' names and surnames, it should be stated which authors contributed to which part as indicated below. Our first application is our March 2021 issue.

               Example: Turkish: Çalışma Konsepti/Tasarım- BÖ; Yazı Taslağı- BÖ, FİA; İçeriğin Eleştirel İncelemesi- FİA, BÖ; Son Onay ve Sorumluluk- BÖ.

               Example: English: Conception/Design of Study- BÖ; Drafting Manuscript- BÖ, FIA; Critical Revision of ManuscriptFIA, BÖ; Final Approval and Accountability- BÖ.

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