Aim & Scope

MERSİN PHOTOGRAMMETRY JOURNAL is an internationally published journal and indexed in international index organizations. 

(MEPHOJ) publishes original and innovative contributions in photogrammetric  applications ranging from the integration of instruments, methodologies, and technologies and their respective uses in the environmental sciences, engineering, and other natural sciences. Mersin Photogrammerty Journal is a branch of science that widely applied in many scientific disciplines.  MEPHOJ aims to cover the entirety of Photogrammetry and Photogrammetric aplications about Geosciences, including their application domains. MEPHOJ strives to encourage scientists to publish experimental, theoretical, and computational results as detailed as possible so that results can be easily reproduced. There is no restriction on paper length.

Areas covered in Mersin Photogrammetry Journal 

Aerial Photogrammetry
Terrestrial Photogrammetry
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) 
Mobile mapping applications
Photogrammetric sensor calibration
3D sensor technology
Photogrammetric and satellite image processing (Image matching, detail extraction, radiometric methods, classification)
3D modeling and reconstruction
Point cloud processing
Virtual Reality
Photogrammetric Product / Land Modeling
Photogrammetric Orientation
Aerial Triangulation
3D database modeling
Geometric models of sensors

Period Months
June December