Writing Rules

Accounting and Financial History Research Journal

Author Guidelines

Articles sent to our journal should be prepared in accordance with the following rules.

1. Manuscripts submitted should have a maximum of 30 A4 pages with 1.5 line spacing, including tables and figures. The title of the manuscript should be 16 pt., manuscript 12 pt (Times New Roman) and a single column.

2. The title of the article is given in Turkish and English. The English title is written in 11 pt, all capital letters, bold.

3. Name and surname of the author(s) should be written right justified at the bottom of the title in 14 pt.

4. Title, affiliation, e-mail address, and the ORCID number of the authors under the title of the article and the article type should be indicated at the bottom of the page in footnotes. Examples of Article Types are given below:  

  • Quantitative Research
  • Qualitative Research 
  • Literature Review
  • Theoretical
  • Case Study 
  • Compilation 
  • Research / Experimental 
  • Meta-Analysis (Batch Analysis)
  • Biography

5. The abstract consists of 75-200 words. ABSTRACT must be in capital letters, 11 pt. and bold.

6. Keywords and Jel Codes should be written in 11 point bold under the Abstract.  

7. Paragraph heads are indented 1.2 cm from the left. 

8. Quotations longer than two lines must be 11 pt. italic and indented 5 mm from the right and left. 

9. All main headings of the manuscript, including the INTRODUCTION and CONCLUSION sections, should be numbered, in 12 pt., Bold and capital letters. 

10. Only initials of the first subtitle (1.1.) Should be written in capitals, 12 pt, bold. 

11. Second subtitle (1.2.1.) Bold, italic, and only initials should be capital. Third subtitle ( Italic, and initials must be capital.

12. REFERENCES and APPENDIX must be in all capital letters, 12 points and bold. If there is more than one attachment, subtitles should be given as Annexes as the title Annex-1. 

13. References, Figures and Tables in Figures and Tables should be bold, 11 pt. 

14. In Tables, Pictures and Figures, the source should be positioned under the relevant table, picture or figure. 

15. In the tables, the name of the table should be positioned above the related table without indent from the left. In the figures, the shape name should be under the figure. 

16. The page should be left and right aligned and not hyphenated. 

17. REFERENCES should be prepared in accordance with the APA standard and listed alphabetically according to author information.