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Founded: 2014
Period: Quarterly
Publisher: Badebio Biotechnology Ltd.
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NVEO is the major OPEN ACCESS  medium since 2014 for the publication new findings and research on natural volatiles and essential oils research and applications. It is initiated by the permanent scientific committee of ISEO (International Symposium of Essential Oils) during the 45th meeting in 2014 in Istanbul. The journal is principally aimed at publishing initially the abstracts, thereafter the proceedings of the ISEOs, but is also a peer reviewed journal for publishing original research articles and reviews in the field of natural volatiles and essential oils including wide ranging issues on the analysis, chemistry, biological and pharmacological activities, agriculture, biotechnology, applications and regulatory affairs, etc. Published four times per year, NVEO provides articles on the aromatic principles of a plant or its isolates and are directed toward furthering the readers' knowledge of the aromatic plant and animal kingdoms.

The journal does NOT have Article Processing Charge (APC) or any related submission charges.

Welcome to ISEO 2021

Important Announcement

Dear ISEO Permanent Scientific Committee Members,
Dear ISEO Participants,
Dear ISEO Sponsors,

We hope in the covid period that all of you and your families and friends are doing well, safe and all are healthy…

We heartily thank you for all your feedback and guidance.

As you know, we have prepared initially for a “normal- physical” ISEO, since 2019… and we really hoped that the situation would be suitable in 2021 August, scheduled time for ISEO. However, today we are talking about the 3rd wave of covid, which forces us to an online-ISEO with a professional team. Thus, this has many drawbacks including finance, however, nothing is more important than the safety of all ISEO participants. With the agreement of the ISEO Permanent Committee we have decided on the new dates of the 51st ISEO as November 12-14, 2021

The symposium even online has associated costs as previously mentioned, however, the finance shall not be a hindrance for those who lack financial resources, we shall ask sponsors for support.
Our university is supporting online national and international symposia/congresses and meetings, which I hope for other institutions as well.
We will soon make regular mailings and ask your continuous feedback and suggestions for the improvement of services and the symposium program. Also your advice regarding potential sponsors will indeed help for the overall quality of the meeting.

Stay well safe and healthy… kind regards

Prof. Dr. K. Hüsnü Can Başer
President, ISEO 2021



Editorial Advisory Board

Agnieszka Ludwiczuk (Medical University of Lublin, Poland) agnieszka.ludwiczuk-at-umlub.pl
Adam Feyaerts (Belgium) adamfeyaerts-at-gmail.be
Alvaro Viljoen (South Africa)
Ana Cristina Figueiredo (Portugal)
Ben-Erik van Wyk (South Africa)
Chlodwig Franz (Austria)
Danilo Sciarrone (University of Messina, Messina, Italy) danilo.sciarrone at unime.it
Daniel Strub (Wrocław, Poland)
Douglas Siqueira de Almeida Chaves (Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil) gnosy.ufrrj at gmail.com
Eisuke Kuraya (Okinawa, Japan) kuraya-at-okinawa-ct.ac.jp
Éva Németh-Zámboriné (Hungary)
Gerhard Buchbauer (Austria)
Gyorgyi Horvath (Hungary)
Humberto Bizzo (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Jan Demyttenaere (Belgium)
Johannes Novak (Austria)
Karl-Heinz Kubeczka (Institute of Pharmaceutical Biology, Hamburg University,. Germany)
Luigi Mondello (Italy)
Massimo Maffei (İtaly)
Michael Keusgen (Marburg, Germany)
Nativ Dudai (Israel)
Nicolas Baldovini (Nice, France)
Nurhayat Tabanca (The Agricultural Research Service (ARS) U.S. Department of Agriculture, USA) Nurhayat.Tabanca-at-ars.usda.gov
Patrizia Rubiolo (Turin, Italy)
Salvador Canigueral (Spain)
Sandy van Vuuren (South Africa)
Stanislaw Lochynski (Poland)
Temel Özek (Anadolu University, Turkey) tozek-at-anadolu.edu.tr
Toshio Hasegawa (Saitama, Japan)
Yoshinori Asakawa (Japan)

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NVEO is a peer reviewed specialized journal.