Ethical Principles and Publication Policy

Author Guidelines

Content, volume, language

OSEJ is a peer-reviewed journal, which includes translated works, book reviews, and original research and review articles reporting qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-method studies in the field of science education. It is published once every 6 months, thus twice a year (June and December). Articles can be submitted in Turkish or English language. As of 2020, only English articles are considered.

Responsibility and copyright

The authors are responsible for the contents and appendices (pictures, drawings, maps, documents, etc.) included in the articles submitted to OSEJ. It is assumed that the authors submitting their manuscripts have accepted this responsibility.
No contract is required for the transfer of copyright from authors. It is regarded that the authors of the manuscripts that are submitted and accepted after the reviewing process transfer all copyrights to OSEJ. The authors are included in the publication process by agreeing to hand over all copyrights to OSEJ.
Manuscripts may not be published elsewhere without written permission from the OSEJ editor.
For translated works, the translator should receive permission from the author(s) of the relevant article. Copyright costs for translated articles are to be covered by the translator.

Publication process

The manuscripts submitted to OSEJ must not have been previously published or submitted to be published in any printed/digital publications. The publication process shall be immediately canceled if it is found that the manuscripts submitted to OSEJ and taken in the reviewing process have been submitted to another publisher and/or have been previously published in the same or similar format.
Reviewers are appointed for the manuscripts that are approved by the Editorial Board after the preliminary examination regarding form and content. The manuscripts that are not approved by the Editorial Board shall be rejected.
Each article is sent to two reviewers. If one of the reviewer’s reports is negative, the manuscript is sent to the third reviewer. In accordance with the reviewers’ reports, it is decided that the manuscript should be published, revised, or rejected. The authors are notified of this decision.
In case of corrections given to the manuscript, the corrections must be made within the period specified by the Editorial Board and sent to the Board. The manuscripts that are not revised in time shall be rejected.
All submitted manuscripts must be prepared in accordance with OSEJ manuscript guidelines.
The authors of the manuscripts submitted in Turkish should be taken the spelling guide by the Turkish Language Association into account.
Language competence for the manuscripts submitted in English is primarily determined by the Editorial Board. The manuscripts that are considered inadequate in terms of language, regardless of content, are sent back or rejected. Prior to their submission, authors are advised to have their manuscripts proofread.
The appropriateness of the sections written in English (short and extended abstracts) for the manuscripts in Turkish is primarily checked by the Editorial Board. The manuscripts tha


All authors must comply with both national and international academic, scientific ethical rules. OSEJ follows the publication process within the framework of Law No: 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works in Turkey. OSEJ has the right to protect its legal rights on the authors who do not fulfill the requirements of the TR rules of law. The authors have unilateral responsibility for the issues such as citations and plagiarism within the framework of the relevant law.
In the manuscripts prepared from the master’s or doctoral theses, the authors must state that the manuscript is prepared from such study. Otherwise, it is considered within the frame of plagiarism. In the name order, the name of the owner of the thesis is written first; the supervisor and other authors cannot be written before the owner of the thesis. The contribution of authors other than the owner of the thesis and the supervisor is stated in the manuscript. 

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