Aim & Scope

Aims, Scope, and Audience
Pharmata aims to contribute to the scientific literature by publishing manuscripts of the highest caliber. The journal accepts research articles, reviews, and short communications that adhere to ethical guidelines.

 The scope of the journal encompasses various topics, including but not limited to:

1. Pharmaceutical analysis of complex systems
2. Quality control and methods for biotech drugs
3. Action mechanisms and metabolism of drugs in the body
4. Quantitative and qualitative analysis in the drug screening process
5. Molecular pharmacology
6. Biopharmaceutics
7. Pharmacognosy
8. Pharmaceutical botany
9. Pharmaceutical technology studies
10. Clinical laboratory and bioanalysis
11. Pharmacological studies
12. Toxicological studies
13. Analytical chemistry techniques and methods
14. New biochemistry methods for pharmaceutical analysis
15. Rapid screening methods
16. New analytical techniques and methods
17. Pharmaceutical chemistry
18. Synthesis and analysis of new drug molecules
19. Other areas: pharmaceutical solid materials (including biomaterials, polymers, and nanoparticles), biotechnology products (including genes, peptides, proteins, and vaccines), engineered cells.

The target audience of the journal includes researchers and specialists who have an interest in or are working in any of the fields covered by the journal's scope.

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To guarantee that all papers published in the journal are maintained and permanently accessible, articles are stored in Dergipark which serves as a national archival web site and at the same time permits LOCKSS to collect, preserve, and serve the content.

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