Proceedings of International Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) accepts research papers in all areas of Mathematical Sciences and its numerous applications. Topics covered by the journal include: Topology, Compleks Analysis, Functional Analysis, Sequences, series, summability, Fixed Point Theory, Numerical Functional Analysis, Computer Science and Technology, Mathematical Methods in Physics, Recent themes on Controllability and Stability of PDE's, Applied Statistics, Geometry, Mathematical Education, Algebra and Number Theory, Numerical analysis, Statistics, Differential equations, Difference equations, Partial differential equations, Optimization, Fourier analysis, Abstract Harmonic Analysis, Numerical Methods in Fourier Analysis, Numerical Functional Analysis, Operator Theory, Miscellaneous applications of functional analysis, Nonlinear functional analysis, Stochastic analysis, Multivariate analysis and all the other fields of their applications.


Research in these subjects has been very lively recently, and the interplay between individual areas has enriched them all. The journal seeks high quality original papers of both a research and an expository nature.

The purpose of PIMS is the advancement of Mathematical Sciences. Editors and referees evaluate submitted papers strictly on the basis of scientific merit, without regard to authors' nationality, country of residence, institutional affiliation, gender and political views.