Writing Rules


A responsible author with their contact information must be designated for each article. Authors should provide their email, postal address, and ORCID numbers.

General Formatting Requirements

While there are no strict formatting rules, your article should include essential elements such as Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Conclusions, etc. If your article contains any videos or other supplementary materials, please include them in your submission for evaluation.

Organize your article into clearly defined sections.

Tables and Figures

Present tables and figures within the text where they are referenced. Tables should have titles above them, while figures should have titles below them.

Subsection - Numbered Sections

Divide your article into clearly defined and numbered subsections. Subsections should be numbered as 1.1 (then 1.1.1, 1.1.2, ...), 1.2, and so on. Each heading should appear on a separate line.


Specify the objectives of the study and provide sufficient background without detailed literature review or a summary of the results.

Materials and Methods

Provide enough detail to allow an independent researcher to replicate the study. Summarize previously published methods and provide a reference. If directly quoting a previously published method, use quotation marks and provide a reference. Any modifications to existing methods should also be explained.


Present the data obtained and the conclusions reached in a clear and concise manner.


Clearly and concisely present the findings.


Citation formatting should follow the current version of the APA referencing style. In-text citations should include the author's last name and publication year in parentheses. References should be listed in the order they are cited in the article. Pay close attention to APA style rules regarding capitalization and punctuation. For more information on APA reference style, you can visit http://www.apastyle.org/.