There are three processes in our journal: Pre-Review, Review, and Editing. The required information is stated below:


       a1.  Manuscript in accordance with the first submission format ( in Word format / Latex and others) and title page is uploaded to the system by the author.

       a2.  After the process, the manuscript appears in the pre-review section.

       a3.  The suitability of the manuscript for the first presentation format is controlled.

       a4.  The similarity ratio of the manuscript is controlled. (If the similarity ratio is more than 20%, it is requested that the author decrease the ratio and manuscript be reloaded within three weeks.    The manuscript which is not reloaded within 3 weeks is rejected.)

       a5.  The language of the manuscript is controlled. (The manuscript which is not in accordance with the first submission format or has a low level of language is informed to the author and the revision is requested within one month.  Otherwise, the manuscript is rejected.)

       a6.  The manuscript which satisfies the first submission format and similarity ratio requirements and has sufficient language level will proceed to the review process.


      b1.  Section Editor is assigned by Editor in Chief. 

      b2.  Three referees (a foreign one at least) are assigned to the manuscript by Section Editor. Referees cannot be assigned from the institution of the author.

      b3.  The maximum time for the finalization of the manuscript is determined to be 4 months. Section editors must be sensitive to the issue.

      b4. The decision of the review procedure may be rejection, acceptance or revision.

      b5.  If the rejection decision is given, the process is terminated and the manuscript is rejected.

      b6.  If the revision decision is given, it is requested that the author make revisions within one month in accordance with referees opinions. The manuscript is rejected if the author does not respond within one month. All revisions the author made must be marked with red.

      b7.  If the acceptance decision is given, the editing process is initiated


     c1.  There are 5 manuscripts in each issue. These manuscripts are determined according to the acceptance date.

     c2.   If the manuscript is to be included in the issue, the author gets in contact within one month.

     c3.   If the required information for the manuscript is properly obtained from the author, the manuscript is published in the related issue. If the author does not meet requirements, the manuscript is not published in that issue.

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