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Year 2020, Volume 38, Issue 3, 1351 - 1368, 05.10.2021


Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) fuzzy modeling is a useful tool to represent complex nonlinear systems into a class of linear subsystems with fuzzy sets and reasoning. Presented is an extension of the T-S fuzzy modeling approach for uncertain nonlinear systems with state time-varying delay to derive robust delay-dependent H_∞ control methodology. To this end, we investigate the stability and performance conditions for uncertain T-S fuzzy systems with time-varying delay by the Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional. Then, the stabilization is fulfilled through a fuzzy state-feedback controller. For the synthesis condition, one of the recently developed methods is utilized, and that the solution is dependent on the size and change rate of the delay. The formulations are performed based on the solution of linear matrix inequalities (LMIs). Finally, two numerical examples are presented to validate the effectiveness of the proposed design.


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Primary Language English
Subjects Engineering
Journal Section Research Articles

Serdar COSKUN This is me
Tarsus University, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Publication Date October 5, 2021
Application Date November 10, 2019
Acceptance Date June 7, 2020
Published in Issue Year 2020, Volume 38, Issue 3


Vancouver Coskun S. ROBUST DELAY-DEPENDENT H∞ CONTROL DESIGN FOR UNCERTAIN TAKAGI-SUGENO TIME-DELAY SYSTEMS. Sigma Journal of Engineering and Natural Sciences. 2021; 38(3): 1351-1368.