Author Guidelines



1.     The whole manuscript (text, charts, equations, drawings etc.) should be arranged in Word and submitted in ready to print format. The article should be typed on A4 (210 x 297 mm) size paper using 10 pt (main title 15 pt) Times New Roman font, single spacing. Margins should be 40 mm on the left and right sides and 52.5 mm at the top and bottom of the page.

2.     Including drawings and tables, articles should not exceed 25 pages, technical notes 10 pages.

3.    Your contributed manuscript must be sent over the DergiPark system. (

4.     The text must be written in a clear and understandable language, conform to the grammar rules. Third singular person and passive tense must be used, and no inverted sentences should be contained.

5.     Title must be short (10 words maximum) and clear, and reflect the content of the paper.

6.     Sections should be arranged as: (i) abstract and keywords, (ii) title, abstract and keywords in the other language, (iii) main text, (iv) symbols, (v) acknowledgements (if required) and (vi) references.

7.     Both abstracts should briefly describe the object, scope, method and conclusions of the work and should not exceed 100 words. If necessary, abstracts may be re-written without consulting the author. At least three keywords must be given. Titles, abstracts and keywords must be fitted in the first page leaving ten line space at the bottom of the first page and the main text must start in the second page.

8.     Section and sub-section titles must be numbered complying with the standard TS1212.

9.     Symbols must conform to the international rules; each symbol must be defined where it appears first, additionally, a list of symbols must be given in alphabetic order (first Latin, then Greek alphabets) at the end of the text (before References).

10.  Equations must be numbered and these numbers must be shown in brackets at the end of the line.

11.  Tables, drawings and photographs must be placed inside the text, each one should have a number and title and titles should be written above the tables and below the drawings and photographs.

12.  Only SI units must be used in the manuscripts.

13.  Quotes must be given in inverted commas and the source must be indicated with a reference number.

14.  Acknowledgement must be short and mention the people/ institutions contributed or assisted the study.

15.  References must be numbered (in brackets) in the text referring to the reference list arranged in the order of appearance in the text. References must include the following information:

If the reference is an article: Author’s surname, his/her initials, other authors, full title of the article, name of the journal, volume, issue, starting and ending pages, year of publication.

Example : Naghdi, P. M., Kalnins, A., On Vibrations of Elastic Spherical Shells. J. Appl. Mech., 29, 65-72, 1962.

If the reference is a book: Author’s surname, his/her initials, other authors, title of the book, volume number, editor if available, place of publication, year of publication.

Example : Kraus. H., Thin Elastic Shells, New York. Wiley, 1967.

If the reference is a conference paper: Author’s surname, his/her initials, other authors, title of the paper, title of the conference, location and year.

If the source is a thesis: Author’s surname, his/her initials, thesis title, level, university, year.

If the source is a report: Author’s surname, his/her initials, other authors, title of the report, type, number, institution it is submitted to, publication place, year.

16.  Discussions to an article published in Turkish Jornal of Civil Engineering should not exceed two pages, must briefly express the addressed points, must criticize the content, not the author and must be written in a polite language. Authors’ closing remarks must also follow the above rules.

17.  A separate note should accompany the manuscript. The note should include, (i) authors’ names, business and home addresses and phone numbers, (ii) brief resumes of the authors and (iii) a statement “I declare in honesty that this article is the product of a genuinely original study and that a similar version of the article has not been previously published anywhere else” signed by all authors.

18.  Copyright has to be transferred to UCTEA Turkish Chamber of Civil Engineers. The standard copyright form signed by the authorised author should therefore be submitted together with the manuscript.