Aim & Scope

The aim of Turkish Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science (TJMCS) is to bring together research papers in different areas of applied and pure mathematics as well as applications of computer science and various areas of science and technology. The journal will also publish a limited number of proceedings of conferences. These proceedings will be fully refereed and adhere to the normal standards of the journal.

The Turkish Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that publishes original research and review articles in all areas of mathematics and computer sciences. Subject matters cover pure and applied mathematics, fuzzy theory, theoretical computer science, algorithms, scientific computing, artificial intelligence, use and application of mathematics and mathematical knowledge in natural science, engineering, medicine and the social sciences.


Coverage includes (Mathematics)

Coverage includes (Computer Science)

· Algebra

· Algorithm

· Algebraic Geometry

· Artificial Intelligence

· Category Theory

· Bioinformatics

· Complex Analysis

· Computational Complexity

· Control Theory and Optimization

· Computer Architecture

· Differential Equations

· Computer Graphics

· Differential Geometry

· Computer Network and Internet

· Discrete Mathematics

· Database Systems

· Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory

· Dependable Computing

· Functional Analysis

· Distributed Computing

· Geometry

· Formal Methods

· Mathematical Logic and Foundations

· Grid Computing

· Mathematical Physics

· High-Performance Computing

· Number Theory

· Human-Computer Interaction

· Numerical Analysis

· Image Processing

· Operator Theory

· Information Security

· Probability Theory and Statistics

· Knowledge-Based Systems

· Real Analysis

· Natural Language Processing

· Topology

· New Computational Models

· Pattern Recognition

· Software Engineering

· VLSI Design and Test