Aim & Scope

The purpose of Turkish Journal of Science & Technology is to follow the developments in science and engineering, to contribute to the national and international development of individuals, to publish original research studies proven by experimental and numerical methods in basic science and engineering. Our journal aims to make highly valuable contributions to the literature, which will serve as an indispensable reference tool in the coming years.

Turkish Journal of Science & Technology is an International Refereed Journal and has been publishing since 2002 with articles in English as 2 issues (September, March) annually. In order to shed light on the knowledge base and technological developments of science and engineering sciences, there are studies of original research articles on experimental and theoretical advances in science and engineering. In order for the scientific content to be delivered correctly and appropriately, all articles are sent to at least two referees who are experts in their fields. Articles that are deemed positive at the end of the evaluation process are put in print order to be published as soon as possible and the article evaluation process is reported to the responsible author.
The Turkish Journal of Science & Technology journal accepts articles that reflect an original research in science and engineering, together with a short literature knowledge, with findings and results. The study should be original and definitely contribute to international science.
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Publication Principles:

Articles submitted for publication are evaluated by national and / or international referees; the acceptance-rejection decision is made by the editors taking into account the referee opinions. The names of the referees evaluating the articles are not reported to the authors (blind peer review). The referees' reviews of double-blind peer reviews are left to the author's preference. Authors who want to use this preference should delete name and address lines of their articles and upload them to the system. A major (re-send for evaluation) or minor (correction required) revision decision is made to develop articles that are not considered sufficient in line with the referee's suggestions. Articles that are not considered sufficient scientifically are rejected. The major revision referees given about the article must be made within 30 days for the decision of the changes requested and within 15 days for the minor revision decision. Otherwise, the article is rejected.

Articles submitted for publication in our journal should be prepared according to journal article writing format. Articles that are not prepared in accordance with the print format are not taken into the print queue.

Writing Rules for Turkish Journal of Science & Technology

After an article is accepted for publication, “Copyright Transfer Form” must be filled in and signed by the authors and uploaded to the journal system.

Copyright Transfer Form for Turkish Journal of Science & Technology


It is obligatory that the articles sent to be published are not published anywhere or can be sent to any journal to be published. In the articles published in our journal or sent for publication, all responsibility for plagiarism and unauthorized data use belongs to the author or authors of the study. In such a case, Turkish Journal of Science & Technology does not accept any responsibility. All authors should contribute academically and scientifically to the submitted article. The authors cannot request that the published publication be prioritized in any way. Articles should be prepared in accordance with internationally accepted code of ethics. Where necessary, a copy of the Ethics Committee Report should be attached with the publication at the time of application.


The deficiencies stated in the referee opinions should be completed and their suitability to the final printing format should be checked by the authors. The responsibility of any errors found in the article as published in the journal belongs to the authors. 

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