Year 2021, Volume 7 , Issue 1, Pages 6 - 11 2021-03-15

Effect of Dehydration on The Development of Endurance and Vertical Elasticity in High-level Basketball Players

Mohamed Salah Eddine BENSETTİ [1] , Kada BELKEBICHE [2] , Abdellah MERZOUK [3]

Aim: The objective of this study is to observe and verify the effect of dehydration in relation to the performance of physical abilities of endurance and vertical elasticity among high-level basketball players and compare them to the various studies that have been carried out so far and provide adequate recommendations for a dual objective, to achieve performance and preserve the athlete's health.

Methods: This study followed a quantitative descriptive research design. We performed tests and re-tests of vertical elasticity through the Squat Jump (SJ) test for the same group being normally hydrated and being dehydrated (on an empty stomach). Then, we followed up with the ½ cooper tests and re-tests for endurance evaluation for the same group being normally hydrated and being dehydrated (fasting). Comparison between the different tests during the three periods of the season.

Results: For the first set of results related to the Squat Jump throughout the three periods, we recorded a slight difference but statistically significant between the tests for the two states of hydration. The second sets of results related to the half Cooper were even more confirming and endorsing the first set of results. During the three We recorded statistically significant difference the two states of hydrations, with P value <0.001.

Conclusion: Through this study, we observed the effect of dehydration on specific physical abilities in our basketball players. It has been found that dehydration negatively affects the development of their physical abilities. This leads to the implementation of individualization of hydration strategies.
Hypohydration, Fluid Balance, Aerobie Performance, Explosive Force
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Subjects Sport Sciences
Published Date Güz

Orcid: 0000-0001-8886-5217
Author: Mohamed Salah Eddine BENSETTİ (Primary Author)
Institution: Mostaganem University
Country: Algeria

Orcid: 0000-0001-8886-5217
Institution: Laboratoire d'Optimisation des Programme d’Activité Physique et Sportive LABOPAPS. STAPS université Ibn Badis Mostaganem, Algeria
Country: Algeria

Orcid: 0000-0002-8635-7806
Author: Abdellah MERZOUK
Institution: Laboratoire d’Adaptation Physiologique à l’Exercice et Réadaptation à l’Effort APERE STAPS, université Jules Vernes Amiens, France
Country: Algeria


Application Date : December 14, 2020
Acceptance Date : February 9, 2021
Publication Date : March 15, 2021

APA Bensetti, M , Belkebıche, K , Merzouk, A . (2021). Effect of Dehydration on The Development of Endurance and Vertical Elasticity in High-level Basketball Players . International Journal of Sport Exercise and Training Sciences - IJSETS , 7 (1) , 6-11 . DOI: 10.18826/useeabd.840312