Acceptance-Rejection Statistics

Acceptance-Rejection Statistics Time Statistics

Year Number of Accepted Articles Number of Rejected Articles Acceptance Ratio Rejection Ratio
2022 16 24 %40 %60
2023 18 20 %47 %53
2024 0 0 %0 %0
2025 0 0 %0 %0
2026 0 0 %0 %0

The opinions in the articles published in Üsküdar University Journal of Social Sciences belong to the author. The articles published in another journal, book, and so on are not accepted. National or international conference presentations, seminar presentations, or panel presentations can be included in the publication process after being specified in the footnote and converted into the article format.
Academic articles published in the journal can only be reproduced for educational purposes. The articles and the graphics and tables in the articles cannot be duplicated or archived in part or as a whole without permission except for educational purposes. Quotations may be made from the articles under the condition that they are indicated in the academic publications.
It is assumed that the authors undertake that they would not claim royalties for the articles they submit to Üsküdar University Journal of Social Sciences.