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Eurasian Journal of Soil Science is the official English language journal of the Federation of Eurasian Soil Science Societies. Eurasian Journal of Soil Science is a peer-reviewed open access journal that publishes research articles, critical reviews of basic and applied soil science in all related to soil and plant studies and general environmental soil science. Scope of the journal includes: Soil Physics & Mechanics, Soil Chemistry, Soil Biology & Biochemistry, Soil Erosion & Conservation, Soil Degradation & Reclamation, Soil Genesis & Classification, Soil Survey & Mapping, Soil Mineralogy & Micromorphology, Soil Management, Soil Health & Quality, Soil Hydrology, Soil Pollution, Soil Fertility, Plant Nutrition, Fertilizer & Fertilization, Remote Sensing & GIS in Soil Science, Geostatistics, Applied Mathematic in Soil Science.

Eurasian Journal of Soil Science is a forum for presenting articles on basic and applied research of soil science, thus making new findings, methods and techniques easility accessible and applicable in practice. Papers in any of the following fields will be considered, and authors are requested to designate their manuscript according to one of these divisions on submission:

Soil Physics & Mechanics

Soil Chemistry

Soil Biology & Biochemistry

Soil Erosion & Conservation

Soil Degradation & Reclamation

Soil Genesis & Classification

Soil Survey & Mapping

Soil Mineralogy & Micromorphology

Soil Management

Soil Health & Quality

Soil Hydrology

Soil Pollution

Soil Fertility

Plant Nutrition

Fertilizer & Fertilization

Remote Sensing & GIS in Soil Science


Applied Mathematic in Soil Science

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