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Başlangıç: 2013
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Yayıncı: İstanbul Üniversitesi
Kapak Resmi

Dear colleagues,

Welcome to the official journal of the School of Business of Istanbul University. Formerly known as Istanbul University Journal of the School of Business, our peer reviewed journal begun its publication life in 1972. The online journal publishes biannually and has been renamed as Istanbul Business Research (IBR), beginning with V. 47 (1) 2018.

Dear authors,

Thank you for your interest in publishing with us. We would like to mention that IBR accepts articles written only in English, since being indexed in Web of Science Emerging Science Citation Index (ESCI) beginning with V. 46 (1) 2017. Thus, all communication regarding articles must be done in English and only via Dergipark system for our records. We reserve the right to terminate article processing in case of a failure to comply.

Many thanks for your interest in IBR.
IBR Editorial Team

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