Cilt: 6 Sayı: 3, 1.09.2016

Yıl: 2016

Araştırma Makalesi


2. Uncertainty of Oil Proved Reserves and Economic Growth in Iran


7. Oil Price and Exchange Rates: A Wavelet Analysis for Organisation of Oil Exporting Countries Members


8. Analysis of Income Elasticities of Brazil’s Energy Matrix


18. Economic Problems of Exploring Hydrocarbons in Russian Northern Provinces in the Context of International Interests


19. China in Innovative Development of Alternative Energy Advanced Industrial Technologies


24. Economic and Technical Feasibility of Metering and Sub-metering Systems for Heat Accounting


27. Innovations as Drivers of Stable Growth of the Kazakh Economy through State Policy in Area of Eco-innovations Implementation


28. Assessment of the Required Changes of Russian Ecological Taxes


29. Gas Flaring Effects and Revenue Made from Crude Oil in Nigeria


33. Trade-off Curves and Elasticity Analysis in Multi Fuel Options System and Combined Problem