Yayın Süreci

The publication process

Before your accepted article is published online, it goes through our production process (Figure). IJSM does everything possible to publish your article quickly and to the highest possible standard, as well as taking you through what to expect at each stage of the process.

Your publication checklist:

• Provide accurate proofreading and clearly mark any corrections as soon as possible.

• When prompted, ensure you acknowledge any funding support.


Step 1: Accepted article received in production

• Link your Author Services account with your ORCiD.

• Accepted Article papers are downloadable and citable.


Step 2: Copyediting and typesetting

• We copyedit your article for style, grammar and nomenclature, to bring the standard of the text up to the level that your research deserves.

• We also typeset your article, to make it look great.


Step 3: Proofing and corrections


After copyediting and typesetting the article goes back to you. This is your chance to give your article a last look before we publish.

• A link to article proofs is provided via email.

• Accurately proofread your article and clearly mark any corrections online as soon as possible.


Corrections processed

Your corrections are received and then processed.

• After the revisions are approved, your article will appear online.


Step 4: Early View Publication

• Early View articles are published on the WEB before inclusion in an issue. You can now view your published article online.

• No further changes to your article are possible from this point.

• Your Early View article is fully citable and carries an online publication date and DOI for citations.

• You can now share the online version of your published article with your colleagues.


Step 5: Issue published online

• The issue containing your article is now available online.

• You can share the online version of your published article with your colleagues.


Step 6: Access and sharing

When your article is published online:

• You receive an email alert (if requested).

• You can share the online version of your article with a wider audience.