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Industrial Policy (ISSN-2757-9840) is the prime outlet for research on industrial policy and its impact on the society. The IndPol that indexed in Google Scholar publishes high quality research on the process of economic and technological development, in particular industrialization. The journal is policy-oriented and constitutes a forum between researchers and policy makers in addition to being a scientific outlet. It publishes both applied and theoretical research utilizing different methodologies including but not limited to case studies, comparative studies, economic impact analysis and game theoretic frameworks.

The journal covers a wide range of topics relating to the manufacturing industry and industrial policy including the industrialization process; industrial development, institutions and structural policies that support economic Development including the political economy aspects; tools (such as economic planning) and market structures (including monopolistically competitive markets that have a bearing on manufacturing value added and overall economic productivity) and their impact on economic development and industrialization; low and middle income traps; productivity; mechanism design and incentive structures that hinders or fosters industrial and economic development; science, technology and innovation strategies and polices (at corporate and national levels) and their impact on economic development; individual and institutional learning processes, education systems, financial institutions, markets and policy, vocational training, third generation, entrepreneurial and industrial universities and their impact on economic development and industrialization; and, historical and contemporaneous case studies relating to industrial development.