Etik İlkeler ve Yayın Politikası

Journal of Health Systems and Policies-JHESP is a peer-reviewed journal published by the ethical principles and rules stated below to publish legal and interdisciplinary scientific works related to health care systems, health policies, and medical sciences.
All submissions should be original, not have been published in another journal, and should not be in the evaluation process in another journal. Each work is evaluated by one of the editors and at least two blind peer-reviewers. Situations such as plagiarism, duplication, fraudulent authorship / denied authorship, research/data fabrication, article slicing, slicing publishing, copyright infringement, and concealment of conflict of interest are considered unethical behaviors.
JHESP pursues the principles and standards of the publication ethics determined by COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) and ICMJE (International Committee of Medical Journal Editors).
Editors, reviewers, and authors are expected to adhere to internationally accepted criteria for scientific publishing.

Authors who submit a work to the Journal of Health Systems and Policies-JHESP must comply with the stated ethical responsibilities;

· The author should not send any work or works published elsewhere or submitted for publication to the  Journal of Health Systems and Policies-JHESP.
· The authors are liable for the compliance of the works with scientific and ethical rules. By sending his work to the journal; It is deemed to have committed that the work is original, has not been published elsewhere, and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere, in any other language.
· Contributing authors and sources should be used appropriately and cited in references. All individuals who do not meet the sufficient criteria for authorship but contributed to the study should be listed in the “acknowledgments/information” section. Examples of these are people who only provide technical support, assist with writing, provide only general support, or provide financial and material support.
· Changing author responsibilities (such as adding authors, changing the order of authors, removing authors) for a study whose evaluation process has started should not be offered.
· All authors should have a direct academic and scientific contribution to the submitted works. Name order of the authors should be a joint decision.
· The author should correctly cite the sources they use during the writing of the work in line with ethical principles.
· JHESP may request information or raw data from the authors within the framework of the evaluation processes, in such a case, the author should be ready to present the data and information requested from him/her.
· When the author realizes an error about the work in the evaluation and early viewing stage or the work published in electronic form, he/she should contact the editorial board to inform, correct, or withdraw.

Editorial Board of  Journal of Health Systems and Policies-JHESP undertakes to comply with the following ethical values;

· The Editorial Board is obliged to make an effort to increase the quality of the journal and to contribute to its development.
· Editorial Board needs to support authors' freedom of expression.
· The Editorial Board should take measures to prevent scientific and unethical behaviors such as plagiarism and citation fraud.
· The Editorial Board has the final say in the publication of an academic study submitted to the journal. In determining the studies to be published, the quality, up-to-dateness, originality, and contribution to the field should be taken into consideration.
· The Editorial Board is responsible for the proper execution of the publication process of all works submitted for publication in the journal. In this context, the Editorial Board should decide independently and by taking public interest into account.
· The Editorial Board guarantees that all information regarding the submitted works will remain confidential until the work is published.
· The Editorial Board is obliged to protect the intellectual property rights of all published works and to defend the rights of the journal and authors in possible violations. The Editorial Board is obliged to take the necessary measures to ensure that all published works do not violate the intellectual property rights of other publications and to perform an authenticity check within this scope.
· While making any decision regarding the works, the Editorial Board should take into account the original value of the works, their contribution to the field, the validity and reliability of the research method, the clarity of the expression, and the purpose and scope of the journal. The Editorial Board cannot take into account the race, ethnic origin, gender, thoughts, and beliefs of the authors for any reason.
· Editorial Board should evaluate the articles submitted for publication in the review in terms of grammatical rules.
· Editorial Board should provide descriptive and informative notification and feedback to the authors.
· The Editorial Board ensures that journal policies such as publication, blind peer-review, evaluation process, ethical principles are determined and implemented.
· The Editorial Board should ensure that the peer-review process is carried out with two blind peer-reviewers and should not disclose the peer-reviewers to the authors and the authors to the peer-reviewers.
· The Editorial Board should ask the peer-reviewers to evaluate the works that are suitable for their knowledge and expertise. Thus, it should be ensured that the articles are appropriately evaluated by experts in their field of study. Care should be taken to keep the identity of the referees anonymous during this process.

Peer-reviewers of  Journal of Health Systems and Policies-JHESP undertake to abide by the ethical values stated below;

· Peer-reviewers should only agree to evaluate works related to their field of expertise. If a peer-reviewer does not feel qualified about the subject of the work or if it does not seem possible to provide timely feedback, he should inform the Editorial Board of this situation as soon as possible.
· The peer-reviewers contribute to the decisions to be taken by the Board with their opinions regarding the academic studies submitted for their evaluation and, if deemed necessary, communicate with the author through the Board for the development of the study. In this process, it is essential to keep the peer-reviewers identities confidential.
· Peer-reviewers are obliged to evaluate the works in impartiality and confidentiality. Within this framework, they cannot share or use the information in the work with others before they are published, without the express consent of the author.
· The peer-reviewers should inform the Editorial Board as soon as possible if they notice any copyright infringement or plagiarism regarding the work submitted for evaluation, or if they notice any similarity with any previously published work or information.
· At the end of the evaluation process, the referees should submit their opinions by scientific criteria via the "Peer-review Form". When the "Peer-review Form" that does not comply with these conditions is detected, the editorial board can contact the peer-reviewer for review and correction.
· Peer-reviewers are required to complete their evaluations within the time allotted to them.

Publication Policy

Journal of Health Systems and Policies-JHESP is published by Istanbul Medipol University. The publisher provides open, electronic, and free access to the journal on the web page of the journal. However, it protects the property and copyright of every article published in the journal and undertakes the obligation to keep the records of every published copy.
All content of the  Journal of Health Systems and Policies-JHESP is presented free of charge in an environment that everyone can read and download following the open access policy.
All manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Health Systems and Policies-JHESP are evaluated through a double-blind review process. In this context, reviewers and evaluations are made only on the manuscript, regardless of the personal characteristics of the author such as identity, nationality, religious belief, and political opinion.
All expenses of the journal are covered by Istanbul Medipol University. JHESP; does not charge for submission, processing, publishing, or any other process.
The opinions expressed in the manuscripts published in the journal belong to the author. Istanbul Medipol University and JHESP do not accept any responsibility in this regard.

Regarding the Manuscripts Evaluation Process;

After the manuscripts are submitted to the journal, the manuscript evaluation process takes place in the form of a preliminary examination, reviewer evaluation, language control and, if necessary, a correction phase.
It may be possible before the manuscript is published for the authors to withdraw from the publication of a manuscript that has been submitted to the journal and has been peer-reviewed.