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ETHICAL STATEMENT FOR Manas Journal of Engineering 

I testify on behalf of all co-authors that our article submitted to Manas Journal of Engineering.


All authors:

1.     the entire work is their own original work;

2.     the text, data, figures/pictures, tables and any other materials included in the manuscript are completely original and do not infringe upon any existing copyright or other rights of anyone;

3.     the manuscript was submitted solely to Manas Journal of Engineering and is not being submitted and/or considered for publication elsewhere, and materials used in the manuscript have not been previously published in any form or media in any language in whole or in part elsewhere;

4.     all authors participated in the work are listed in the list of authors and are prepared to take public responsibility for the work;

Corresponding author’s signature: _________________________ Date: _________________

PLAGIARISM STATEMENT OF Manas Journal of Engineering 

On behalf of all co-authors upon submitting of the article to Manas Journal of Engineering, I hereby declare that

  • I am aware that plagiarism (the use of someone else’s work without their permission and/or without acknowledging the original source) is wrong.

I confirm that all the work submitted for assessment for Manas Journal of Engineering is my own unaided work except where I have explicitly indicated otherwise.

I have followed the required conventions in referencing the thoughts and ideas of others.

Corresponding author’s signature: _________________________ Date: _________________