Year 2018, Volume 14, Issue 3, Pages 343 - 350 2018-09-30

IoT Based Wearable Smart Health Monitoring System

Mehmet Taştan [1]

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An important part of our life, internet has enabled many machines and devices we use in everyday life to be monitored and controlled remotely through Internet of Things (IOT) technology. Thanks to IOT technology, smart health applications have become a rapidly growing sector. For individuals with heart disease, the Heart Rate (HR), Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Body Temperature (BT) values are considered vital signs that must be measured regularly. In this study, an android-based application is developed that can monitor HR, HRV and CT parameters for cardiovascular patients who should be under constant observation. The measuring system, which consists of wearable sensors, constantly measures patient signs. Then send the measured signals to android interface via wireless connection. If the predetermined critical values for the patient are exceeded, the HR, HRV, CT values and also the realtime location of patient is sent both to family members and doctor as e-mail and twitter notification. The wearable measurement system allows patients to be mobile in their own social environment, allowing them to live their lives in confidence.

Internet of things, blynk, smart healt, arduino pro mini, pulse sensor
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Author: Mehmet Taştan
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