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19 Mayıs Journal of Social Sciences is a peer-reviewed and academic journal scanned by national and international indexes.
Issue-based articles are not accepted in our journal. The reason why the article is not accepted for the issue is the variability that may occur in the duration of the evaluation processes.
Paper acceptance continues. The articles accepted as a result of the referee processes are put in the queue for the first issue to be published.
With the approval of the editorial and journal management policies by Dergipark and with the sponsorship of Dergipark; Our journal assigns doi numbers to all accepted articles as of the 2nd issue of 2021.
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For research in all branches of science that requires ethics committee approval (ethics committee approval should be obtained, this approval should be stated and documented in the article.
In studies that require ethics committee permission, information about the permission (name of the committee, date and number) can be found in the method section, as well as on one of the first/last pages of the article; case reports, informed

2023 - Volume: 4 Issue: 3

Research Article

Türkiye'nin Politik Küreselleşmesinde Demir Çelik Sektörünün Rolü: Yapısal Kırılmalı Zaman Serisi Analizi

Research Article

Örgütsel Güvenin, Örgütsel Bağlılık ve İşten Ayrılma Niyeti ile İlişkisinin Meta Analiz Yöntemiyle İncelenmesi