Writing Rules

1. Articles submitted to the journal should not have been published in another journal or book section. It must also not be sent for publication. Articles presented at a congress, conference or symposium can be submitted.

2. All parts of the work should be in "Times New Roman" font and "12 point size" except Abstract. Posts are 1 line spacing, paragraph spacing before a single paragraph (6 nk), after (0 nk) margins are 3 cm from each side.

3. The article titles should be in "Times New Roman" font and "12 point size"  and in the form of "Abstract", "Introduction", "Subparts", "Conclusion" and "References".

4. The main title "Times New Roman" font should be written in the size of "12 points", in bold, center and 1 line.

5. In the submitted article, the names of the authors should be written on the right under the heading "10 pt" and the other information should be written in footnotes below the first page (title, institution, e-mail)

6. When the article is in English, only the English abstract should be included (Turkish summary are not required in English articles). The length of the summary should be at least 100 and no more than 250 words. Abstract font should be "10 point size" and 1 line spacing. Abstract should include the purpose, methodology, major findings and general conclusion of the study. The abstract should be written after the title and the name of the author/authors. "Key Words" should be included in a line below the summary.

7. All sources shown in the bibliography section should be typed as "Times New Roman" font, "12 point size", with all the works hanging and with 1.25 cm (1 tab) indentation, 1 line spacing, 6 nk before paragraph spacing, 0 nk after paragraph spacing. Attention should be paid to the Scientific Writing Rules in attribution and source presentation, APA (American Psychological Association) - http://www.apastyle.org standards should be observed.