Article Evaluation Process

All articles published in the Anatolian Journal of Nursing and Health Sciences (original research article, case report, review) go through the evaluation process, firstly by the Journal Editor and then by at least 2 reviewers (Double blind peer review).

Article Publishing Process

1. Articles written by the author are prepared and presented in accordance with the journal writing rules.

2. The manuscripts submitted to the journal are subject to preliminary evaluation by the journal editor (compliance with the rules of journal writing, scientific and plagiarism). At this stage, the article may be rejected by the editor, revision may be requested or it may be decided to be subject to peer review.

3. The articles which are decided to be evaluated by the referees are submitted to at least 2 referees related to the article subject.

4. Double-blind review

5. Referees evaluate the articles in areas such as journal writing rules, scientific quality, contribution to national / universal science and practice.

6. The manuscript is sent to the Editor with a recommendation on rejection, revision or acceptance of the manuscript after the review by the reviewer.

7. The editor makes a decision in accordance with the proposals of the referee to be notified to the author.

8. The article is sent back to the author together with the referee reports.

9. The editor, after the revised final version of the manuscript made by the author, makes the necessary checks and submits the manuscript and puts the article in print order.