Year 2018, Volume 8 , Issue 2, Pages 427 - 440 2018-12-30

The Residue of Anthropocentrism in Heidegger’s Question after Technic

İbrahim Okan Akkın [1]

In his text, The Question Concerning Technology, Heidegger argues that modern mind is unaware of Being’s self-destining which determines Dasein’s relation to their own essence and that of other beings because it is in a delusion of being an ‘efficient cause’. A bluntness of this kind not only endangers human-freedom but also puts natural entities at the risk of losing their authenticity since the modern mode of production regards nature as a reserve that is constantly in the service of human-doings. Accordingly, the discussion carried out in this article is, despite his criticism of the conception of ‘agency’ underlying western metaphysics, whether or not Heidegger overcomes the problem of anthropocentrism in his own philosophy.

Heidegger, anthropocentrism, nature, Dasein, technology, technic, art
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Author: İbrahim Okan Akkın
Institution: Ardahan University
Country: Turkey


Publication Date : December 30, 2018

APA Akkın, İ . (2018). The Residue of Anthropocentrism in Heidegger’s Question after Technic. Beytulhikme An International Journal of Philosophy , 8 (2) , 427-440 . DOI: 10.18491/beytulhikme.507791