Year 2016, Volume 3 , Issue 2, Pages 18 - 24 2016-12-16

Development of the Test Platform for Rotary Wing Unmanned Air Vehicle

Uğur YÜZGEÇ [1] , İrfan ÖKTEN [2] , Hakan ÜÇGÜN [3] , Ali Rıza GÜN [4] , Telat TÜRKYILMAZ [5] , Metin KESLER [6] , Cihan KARAKUZU [7] , Gökhan UÇAR [8]

In this study, a new test platform was developed for rotary wing unmanned air vehicle (UAV) with the multirotors. This platform basically includes three different sized circles. Before the flight of UAV, all tests such as yaw, pitch, roll, elevation, etc., are done by the proposed test platform, so the problem or crash in flight of UAV will be prevented. The developed test platform is more superior to the existing test platforms. In this work, the detailed developing process of test platform is presented and some pre-flight tests done by this test platform are represented for the rotary wing UAV with six rotors.

UAV, Test Platform, Rotary Wing
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Author: Uğur YÜZGEÇ

Author: İrfan ÖKTEN

Author: Hakan ÜÇGÜN

Author: Ali Rıza GÜN

Author: Telat TÜRKYILMAZ

Author: Metin KESLER

Author: Cihan KARAKUZU

Author: Gökhan UÇAR


Application Date : November 20, 2017
Acceptance Date : October 21, 2020
Publication Date : December 16, 2016

APA Yüzgeç, U , Ökten, İ , Üçgün, H , Gün, A , Türkyılmaz, T , Kesler, M , Karakuzu, C , Uçar, G . (2016). Development of the Test Platform for Rotary Wing Unmanned Air Vehicle . Bilecik Şeyh Edebali Üniversitesi Fen Bilimleri Dergisi , 3 (2) , 18-24 . Retrieved from