Year 2020, Volume 9 , Issue 1, Pages 132 - 140 2020-02-05

Keeping Online Diaries as an Integrated Activity for Writing Skill in EFL Classes: The Case of Penzu

Erkan YÜCE [1]

Web 2.0 tools can provide digital tools for teaching and learning for professionals who follow and apply the internet-based developments in their education contexts to enrich their conventional way of teaching.  The present study focused on one of the Web 2.0 tools, Penzu. Penzu is a kind of online diary through which users can easily take notes and keep them on the Web. The study discussed the applicability of Penzu in foreign language classes as an integrated tool to develop language learners’ writing skills. In this respect, a sample Penzu page was prepared and introduced to foreign language teaching instructors at a state university in Turkey. The study followed a qualitative inquiry. Face-to-face interviews were conducted with the participants, and the data were collected through semi-structured interview questions. After analyzing the data, the results were reported descriptively. The results primarily indicated that the EFL instructors were in favor of implementing Penzu as an integrated tool in foreign language teaching classes to enhance students’ writing skills. The study also reported several strengths and weaknesses which may promote or hinder the implementation of Penzu language education contexts. All in all, this study attempted to alternate traditional foreign language teaching classes by implementation of Penzu as an integrated tool for writing skill, and to pave ways for further studies that foster application of Web 2.0 tools in language education contexts. 

Web 2.0, Penzu, foreign language teaching, writing skill
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Author: Erkan YÜCE (Primary Author)
Country: Turkey


Publication Date : February 5, 2020

APA YÜCE, E . (2020). Keeping Online Diaries as an Integrated Activity for Writing Skill in EFL Classes: The Case of Penzu. Bartın University Journal of Faculty of Education , 9 (1) , 132-140 . Retrieved from