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Chaos Theory and Applications:The Physical Evidence, Mechanism are Important in Chaotic Systems

Year 2022, Volume 4, Issue 1, 1 - 3, 30.03.2022


This editorial is presented for readers and researchers in the field of nonlinear dynamics, including dynamical control, synchronization stability and control, fractional order approach, boundary condition, memristive system, functional neural circuit, Hamilton energy and Lyapunov function. These short comments and clarifications are helpful to explain the motive of scientific research, physical principle and potential application of nonlinear circuits, statistical analysis and schemes, and thus the report and papers may become readable and instructive.


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Primary Language English
Subjects Automation and Control Systems
Journal Section Editorial

Jun MA (Primary Author)
Lanzhou University of Technology

Publication Date March 30, 2022
Published in Issue Year 2022, Volume 4, Issue 1


APA Ma, J. (2022). Chaos Theory and Applications:The Physical Evidence, Mechanism are Important in Chaotic Systems . Chaos Theory and Applications , 4 (1) , 1-3 . Retrieved from https://dergipark.org.tr/en/pub/chaos/issue/63571/955915

Chaos Theory and Applications in Applied Sciences and Engineering: An interdisciplinary journal of nonlinear science 23830