Aim & Scope

It was decided to publish the International Journal of Interdisciplinary Language Studies (IJILS) in order to encourage interdisciplinary "language research".
IJILS aims to publish articles in linguistics, grammar and in philosophy, sociology, psychology, anthropology, logic, communication, law, education, theology, mathematics, statistics and other fields, provided that they are related to language.
IJILS will be published as an e-journal at, twice a year, in "June" and "December".
The journal aims to provide a national and international academic platform to meet the professional interests of researchers in different disciplines in the field of social sciences.
The target audience of the journal is academicians, researchers and related professional and academic institutions and organizations.

IJILS is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles, reviews and translations that cover original research contributing to the field of social sciences.
Articles in IJILS can be published in Turkish, English, German, French, Arabic, Russian and contemporary Turkish dialects.
In each issue of the journal, besides original articles, introductions and critiques of outstanding books and theses will be published.
IJILS will be able to publish the issues it deems necessary as a "special issue".
There will be two editors in each issue of the journal, one of whom will be a guest editor.
IJILS implements at least two peer-reviewed evaluation processes. The corrections requested by the reviewers and the editor in the submitted articles should be made within 20 days and the latest version of the article should be uploaded to the journal system.
If the content and format of the articles submitted to the journal are not considered appropriate, the journal may be rejected by the editorial board.