Peer Review Process

Journal of Duzce University Health Sciences Institute (J DU Health Sci Inst) started its publication life in January 2011. It is published every four months in January, May and September. Original research, review, case report and other research types (editorial comment / discussion, letter to the editor, scientific letter, surgical technique, distinctive diagnosis, original images, diagnosis evaluations?, medical book reviews, question-answers) from research studies conducted in the field of health research are evaluated. Applications of Health Sciences Institute, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary, Faculty of Sport Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences / School of Health and other health researchers are accepted. Our journal is an open-access journal electronic publishing with e-ISSN: 2146-443X.

Those who want to submit manuscript for the publication to Journal of Duzce University Health Sciences Institute should send their articles as members to the Manuscript Tracking System at "".

Each manuscript uploaded to the system of Journal of Duzce University Health Sciences Institute is first evaluated by the editor in chief or section editors in terms of compliance with the writing and publishing principles of journal. Where appropriate, the manuscripts will be sent back to the editor for review. While the appropriate manuscripts are taken into consideration to peer review, the inappropriate manuscripts are returned to the author for editing. After editorial approval, the manuscript is sent to independent two reviewers who are specialists in the field. The names of the reviewers and authors are mutually kept confidential (double-blinded). The manuscript evaluation period of the referees is maximum 15 days. At the end of this process a new reviewer is appointed for the manuscript not reported by the reviewers. A manuscript getting two positive reviewer reports from the field evaluation is eligible to be published. A manuscript that receives both a positive and a negative reviewer reports is sent to a third reviewer and whether the manuscript will publish or not is determined in the direction of the third reviewer report or editor's decision. The required correction period from the authors is maximum 15 days. Editors may decide to publish or not to publish a manuscript. Manuscripts complete the process within 2-3 months on average. All the processes in from the submission to the publication stage of manuscript are made electronic media.