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Today, developments in the information Technologies not only have enabled information to grow and spread but also have increased the global competition. Businesses should follow the information technologies more than ever to keep up and continue their existences. The voters involved in the political decision-making mechanism are politicians, bureaucrats, groups violate existing legal religious moral and cultural norms in the society by providing private benefits. (1) Businesses, which provide health services, also get involved in this competition and knowledge of these businesses has grown rapidly with legal obligations and relations with the insurance companies, hospitals and healthcare organizations, and they have become unwieldly and costly. The development of information technologies helps management level make best decisions in this competition environment.

Health information systems have importance in terms of the evaluation of data; determining the failing points of the system on time; determining policies regarding health; determining the priorities and problems of health sector; providing the best health services; monitoring income and expenses; proper mobilisation of resources; giving information to hospital administration to make strategic decisions and accessing the information in an effective and rapid way.

In addition, with the effective use of information systems both in the world and in Turkey, it is aimed to avoid the waste of efforts and time of patients and health professionals, find a solution health management process and increase the financial productivity. Increase in the expectations of patients about health services, fulfilling the legal obligations and necessities such as providing the expected quality lead to a rapid increase in the hospital operation expenses. Regional differences have been tried to be solved with these agencies. (2)  Healthcare organizations resort the integration of information technologies and information systems to balance between service quality and costs and increase effectively and efficiently the management performance.

In this study, health information systems in Turkey and in the world will be analysed by making a literature review.

Hospital 1, Information System 2
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Author: Menekşe KILIÇARSLAN (Primary Author)
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Publication Date : December 31, 2018

APA KILIÇARSLAN, M . (2018). THE ASSESSMENT AND COMPARISON OF HEALTH INFORMATION SYSTEMS IN TURKEY AND IN THE WORLD. Avrupa Bilim ve Teknoloji Dergisi , (14) , 127-133 . DOI: 10.31590/ejosat.459456