Aim & Scope

Eurasian Journal of Teacher Education (EJTE) aims to publish qualified research on teacher education. The journal is specific only in terms of accepting manuscripts on teacher education, and the articles published in the journal are aimed to contribute to teachers, prospective teachers and those who want to conduct scientific studies in this field. The journal includes articles on all areas of teacher training, so the journal is expected to appeal to readers in all areas.

Eurasian Journal of Teacher Education (EJTE) includes studies to be conducted with teachers and prospective teachers related to teacher training. Studies can be sent to the journal in the following areas:

- Teacher Training in Educational Sciences

- Teacher Training in Science Education

- Training Teacher of The Visually Handicapped

- Training Teacher of Hearing-Impaired

- Training Math Teacher

- Training Early Childhood Education Teacher

- Teacher Training Policies

- New Approaches in Teacher Training

- Training Special Education Teachers

- Training Psychological Counseling and Guidance Teacher

- Teacher Training in Art Fields

- Training Primary School Teacher

- Training Social Studies Teacher

- Training TurkishTeacher

- Teacher Training in Foreign Language Areas

- Teacher Training in Talent Areas

Period Months
April August December

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