Year 2020, Volume 5 , Issue 4, Pages 84 - 93 2020-12-29

Comparison Between Abdulhamid II and CUP`s Arab Policies: Shifting from Pan-Islamism to Nationalism

Rahman DAĞ [1]

The late 18th and the entire 19th century were the most controversial years of the Ottoman Empire. It was the time period that the Ottoman Empire as once one of the great powers in the world had to struggle with the western great powers. This struggle ended with disintegration of the Empire and several nation-states were conceived of in the Middle East immediately after the First Word War. According to common perception, the major successor of the Ottoman Empire was the Republic of Turkey and thus transformation from traditional social, political and philosophical structures to modernization had been severely felt by the last decade of the Empire. This paper seeks to depict this transformation in the case of Iraqi provinces. To crystalize, the eras of Abdulhamid II with pan-Islamist and of the CUP with secular modernist would be compared via tracing policy changes in the Iraqi provinces.
Iraqi Provinces, Modernization, Ottoman Empire, Abdulhamid II, CUP
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Author: Rahman DAĞ (Primary Author)
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Application Date : November 25, 2020
Acceptance Date : December 11, 2020
Publication Date : December 29, 2020

APA Dağ, R . (2020). Comparison Between Abdulhamid II and CUP`s Arab Policies: Shifting from Pan-Islamism to Nationalism . Al Farabi Uluslararası Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi , 5 (4) , 84-93 . Retrieved from