Writing Rules

In Turkish Journal of Forecasting (TJF);

  • TJF accepts manuscripts written in English.
  • TJF does not charge any submission, publication or processing fees from authors.

Editorial and Review Process

The TJF gives priority to current studies using soft computing research, advanced research and statistical methods and techniques. TJF’s main criteria for publication are the original contribution to the theory, application, and methodology.

Manuscripts are first evaluated by the Editorial Team for the purpose, topic, content, presentation style, and mechanics of writing.

  • After the submission, authors are sent a confirmation of receipt by email.
  • Manuscripts are evaluated by the Editorial Team following the submission.
  • A plagiarism check is conducted by a plagiarism detection software (Turnitin) right after the submission.
  • Manuscripts failing the originality check are rejected without further scrutiny.
  • Manuscripts that meet the criteria for the TJF proceed to the next stage, which is reviewer evaluation.
  • Manuscripts that do not meet the TJF criteria are notified of the decision with the relevant justification for rejection.
  • Receipt of manuscripts and Editorial Team decisions may take approximately two weeks.
  • Manuscripts are sent to two specialists in the relevant field.
  • If the reviewers differ in opinion about the quality of your work, the paper will be referred to a third reviewer.
  • The Editorial Team and referee reviews take approximately 2-3 months to complete. This time may be extended depending on the availability of referees in the area that the manuscript is related.
  • Reviewer reports are kept confidential. 
  • Authors must be attentive to the criticisms, suggestions, and corrections of the referees and the Editorial Board. In case of disagreement with the reports, authors must explain why they do not agree with the points made by the reviewers.
  • There are four possible results for a manuscript:
    • Accept
    • Minor or major revisions
    • Reject and Resubmit process
    • Rejection

Manuscripts go through the following stages once accepted for publication:

  • Reviewer reports and Editorial Team reports are sent to the author.
  • Authors revise their manuscripts according to the reports, and the Editorial Team reviews the revised manuscripts before they advance to the proofreading stage.
  • Authors are sent the proofreading notes.
  • When proofreading is complete, manuscripts advance to the formatting and pagination stage.
  • Following the pagination process, authors are asked to conduct a final check of their manuscripts.
  • After completion of these processes, manuscripts are published online.

Authors should submit their papers in MS word file. TJF Manuscript Template and Cover Letter can be downloaded by the following link:

           TJF Manuscript Template 

           Cover Letter

           TJF Manuscript Template and Cover Letter Files in *.rar format

TJF uses the submission system of TUBITAK JournalPark.

  • If you have a JournalPark account, please click HERE to submit your paper.
  • If you do not have a JournalPark account, before submitting your paper, you need to register at JournalPark system.

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