Article Evaluation Process

Article Evaluation Process
The evaluation steps for the articles you uploaded to our journal are as follows;
1.The article falls on our system for preliminary examination.
- The writing format of the article is examined and a similarity research is made by using the i-Thenticate program.
- The article is checked for compliance with the sample article template.
- Articles that do not fit the template are notified to the author and the article is requested to be corrected.
2. It passes to the article evaluation stage.
Our journal uses the double-blind review system in the article evaluation process. Accordingly, referees and authors cannot see each other's information during the evaluation process. Therefore, the name, address and affiliated organizations of the author / s are not included in the uploaded boot format.
The steps in the article evaluation process are as follows;
-A referee review are made to the article, at least 2 referees. Referees are given 30 days for evaluation. If the evaluation process is not completed, an additional 10 days is given.
-The result of the article; It can be rejection, correction or acceptance. According to the result, the following substance (s) are applied:
a) If the article is rejected in line with the majority of the referee opinions, the process is terminated and the article is rejected.
b) If a correction is requested for the article, the author is asked to make corrections in line with the opinions of the referee.
c) If the article is accepted, the editing phase is started.
3. If there is a subsequent or overlooked correction in the article editing stage, it is requested from the author.
4. The process is completed.
- An informative message is sent to the author.
(Copyright Transfer Form signed for the works sent to be published in our journal is requested to be added to the system during the first application. If the study is accepted, the information is checked again.)

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