Istanbul Gelisim University Journal of Social Sciences is an international, multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal. IGUJSS is being published twice a year. The goal of the Journal is to establish an academic platform for the social sciences including economic and administrative sciences, Political Science and International Relations. Contributing to the production of knowledge and creation of value; be a qualified reference source in academic publishing; and giving priority to ecological, economic and social sustainability are the primary goals of the journal. Since the day of its first issue, the editorial team of the IGUJSS has unconditionally believed that these goals can only be achieved through respect for freedom of science and freedom of speech as well as unconditional commitment to the ethical codes of research and publication.


In our journal, scientific articles within the framework of the topics of ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCES, BUSINESS, COMMUNICATION, ECONOMICS, LOGISTICS, PHILOSOPHY, POLITICAL SCIENCES, PSYCHOLOGY, PUBLIC RELATIONS, SOCIOLOGY, STATISTICS are accepted. Scientific articles with ARCHEOLOGY, ARCHITECTURE, EDUCATION, FINE ARTS, HISTORY, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, LAW, LINGUISTICS and LITERATURE are not accepted. IGUJSS publishes theoretical and empirical studies, book reviews and annotated bibliographies. IGUJSS has an international editorial and advisory boards and publishes articles in Turkish, English, Russian, French and German languages.