Aim & Scope

International Journal of Automotive Science and Technology is a multidisciplinary open access journal which publishes blind peer reviewed original research articles. The journal includes a wide range of fields related with automotive technologies and creates a platform for researchers to make their contribution to automotive science. International Journal of Automotive Science and Technology is a member of Society of Automotive Engineers Turkey.

The journal aims to publish comprehensive and reliable information on current developments, innovative technologies and discoveries in automotive science and technology. Articles will be freely available online to researchers worldwide without any subscription or restriction. Original research articles, review articles, letters to the editor, case reports and short communications prepared in English are accepted for publication without any publication or submission fees.

Topics of the Journal include powertrain systems, engine and vehicle dynamics, vibrations and control, NHV, structural analysis, energy sources, fossil and alternative fuel technologies, renewable energy in automotive, combustion in internal combustion engines (ICEs), mathematical modelling and validation, emissions, mechatronics, vehicle electronics, advanced control strategies, electro-mechanical engineering, vehicle aerodynamics, fuel cell, hybrid and electrical vehicles, design and manufacturing, automobile materials, lubrication, tribology, safety systems, logistics and transportation, traffic management, intelligent vehicle systems, communication systems and other fields related to automotive science and technology.

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International Journal of Automotive Science and Technology (IJASTECH) is published by Society of Automotive Engineers Turkey