International Journal of Environmental Trends (IJENT) is a journal which was established in November 2017. IJENT is an internationally peer-reviewed and indexed journal which has been published regularly in June, and December in 2 issues per year, starting from 2017 in the areas of science, engineering and natural sciences. All articles submitted for publication are considered by the editor and editorial advisory board. Scientific studies are published in our journal in the form of original research articles written in English.IJENT is currently under evaluation to be indexed in ULAKBİM Index. Therefore, Authors who are considering to submit papers are required to obtain an ethic committee approval from their institutions IF the type of article and data collection tools (e.g. questionnaires, interviews, observations, experiments etc.) necessitate to do so. The ethics approval statement should be mentioned under the Methodology. The ethics approval document needs to be uploaded along with the submission file and similarity report during the first submission. Irrespective of being qualitative, quantitative or mixed, research articles must have this document, with the exception of review articles and papers from MA or PhD dissertations. Evaluation process will NOT be initiated for papers without the similarity report and the ethics approval document (If necessary). IJENT Similarity Rate: Max 30%

Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sustainability and Development, Industrial Waste Issues and Management, Global warming and Climate Change, Environmental Law, Environmental Developments and Legislation, Environmental Protection, Biotechnology and Environment, Fossil Fuels and Renewable Energy, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Geological Engineering, Mining Engineering, Agriculture Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Physics,