International Journal of Health Services Research and Policy (IJHSRP) serves all those directly involved in or concerned with, health services, health management, hospital administration, health policy, and public health. The aim of this journal is to provide a peer-reviewed forum for health researchers and academics from all countries to share and discuss new issues and amendments to health-related problems. International Journal of Health Services Research and Policy welcomes applied researches, case studies, and reviews regarding the scope of the journal.

Publication language is English.

Publication dates: February, June, and October. 

The coverage of IJHSRP includes the following areas but not limited to:
  • Aging and Health
    Basic Medical Sciences
    Child Development
    Disability and Health
    Environmental Health
    Occupational Health
    Health Sciences
    Health Tourism
    Healthcare Financing
    Healthcare Management and Organization
    Healthcare Marketing
    Informatics for Healthcare
    Medical Sciences (Surgical and Internal)
    Nutrition &Dietetics
    Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
    Speech and Language Therapy
    Public Health
    Sport Sciences


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