Referencing and Citation

İKTİSAD has adopted the APA Style in Citation and Citation.

What should I do when I use Secondary Sources? I want to use "transmitter". How should I go about it?

The APA Style 6. Release Description is as follows: see.

It is essential to use primary sources in the study. However, if the secondary source is not available due to some difficulties, it is given as a secondary source in the text. However, this secondary source is not shown in the bibliography list.

For example: I read the article named Sarıçoban, 2015 and saw that Sarıçoban quoted the source "Smith, 2000" in it. And I wanted to use this quote too. First of all, we must strive to reach this secondary source. However, despite all efforts, we could not reach it (For example, it was out of print, not used, in an incomprehensible language, etc.). In this case, this source becomes the secondary source and now the secondary referencing rule applies.

The citation in the text:

(Smith, 2000: 210, cited in Sarıçoban, 2015: 45).

Display in the Bibliography List:

Sarıçoban, K. (2015). Turkey's...

Only citing is shown in the bibliography. Secondary source is not shown. The reason is; both that source could not be reached already and that source was changed by the author, reinterpreted, distorted, etc. may be. Therefore, the transferred article does not fall under the responsibility of the original author. In this case, the responsibility belongs to the transferring author.

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