Instruction to Researchers -/-Publication Principles

1. Inonu University International Journal of Social Sciences INIJOSS is an interdisciplinary refereed journal, published twice a year (Summer and Winter). In the journal: there are research articles, translations and book promotions in all social science fields, including Literature, Law, Theology, Philosophy, Economics, Business, Fine Arts, Psychology, Sociology, History.
2. The works submitted for publication should be submitted together with an application petition containing contact information (phone, e-mail, letter address). Any responsibility for the content of this submitted work belongs to the author. Unpublished articles are not returned.
3. It is important that the submitted articles have not been published anywhere before or have not been sent elsewhere for publication.
4. The journal also includes studies presented at any conference or congress but not published in the congress booklet in full text. However, the name, place and date of the event where such manuscripts are presented must be indicated on the first page with a footnote.
5. If it is requested to publish the studies supported by a research institution or fund, the name and project number of the institution providing the support must be given as a footnote on the first page.
6. Manuscripts submitted to the journal should be prepared according to the journal’s writing guide. The editor has the authority to return articles that do not follow the spelling rules to the author or to send them again to the author for correction.
7. A study that passes the preliminary evaluation of the editor or editors is sent to two referees for review. If the referees give a positive opinion, the study is sent to the editorial board for publication. If one of the referees gives a negative opinion, the article is sent to a third referee. If this referee gives a positive opinion, the article is forwarded to the editorial board for publication, otherwise the article is not published.
8. If correction is suggested by the referees, the work is sent to the author again. However, if the referee says “I want to see it after the article is corrected”, the article corrected by the author is sent to the same referee again and published after approval of the editorial board. The author is responsible for whether the corrected text reaches the journal within the specified time.
9. The authors are deemed to have transferred their copyrights to Inonu University Journal of Social Sciences Institute by submitting their works to the Journal of Social Sciences Institute for publication.
10. Legal responsibilities arising from the content of the studies published in the journal belong to the author (s).
11. As of 2019, in all studies submitted for evaluation at INIJOSS, the authors must obtain an ORCID number (Scientific Researcher Identification Number) and upload their studies and ORCID numbers to the DergiPark system. ORCID Number is taken from Studies of researchers without ORCID number will not be evaluated.
12. For the works sent to our journal for the issue of June 2020, “Copyright transfer agreement” must be signed.

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