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Founded: 2023
Publisher: Hatay Mustafa Kemal University
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Dear author, in order to prevent waste of effort and time, and to evaluate the manuscript drafts you send to Interdisciplinary Medical Journal, you must use Interdisciplinary Medical Journal templates, which you can download to your computer using the links on the journal homepage, and which contain explanations for the writing rules in the comments section.

It is a scientific, periodic journal based on the principles of blind peer-review process. The publication language is English.

The Journal is published online three times a year on April, August, and December.

It publishes original researches, case reports, and reviews based on clinical or experimental studies in all areas of medicine.

Manuscripts submitted for publication in the journal should be prepared in accordance with research and publication ethics.

All manuscripts should be submitted by online system of the Journal.

All manuscripts submitted to the Journal are screened in terms of originality.

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2023 - Volume: 14 Issue: 50


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Dear Authors,

As the editorial board of MKU Medical Journal, it has decided to focus on clinical medicine articles in 2023.
In this context, in order not to cause further delay, it has been considered that the most appropriate way is to return the articles that are out of focus and scope of our journal so that they can be evaluated in other journals.
Thank you for your interest in our journal. 10.11.2022

As it is known, the way for scientific journals to become more visible in the international arena is through having a high quality and rich scientific content, as well as being listed by international citation indexes.
 In order to increase its visibility in the international arena, the scientific quantity and quality of our journal, the number of international or multi-centered studies published, and to be recognized and become visible by researchers of the foreign institutions, Editorial Board of The Mustafa Kemal University Journal of Medicine has decided to change the publication language to English.  We respectfully announce. 23.06.2022

Dear Authors, The publication schedule has been determined for the August and December 2022 issues of our journal, and we respectfully ask you to consider this issue when submitting your new manuscripts. Thank you very much for your interest in The Medical Journal of Mustafa Kemal University.

Dear Author,

In order to prevent waste of effort and time, and to evaluate the manuscript drafts you send to The Medical Journal of Mustafa Kemal University, you must use the The Medical Journal of Mustafa Kemal University templates, which you can download to your computer using the links on the journal homepage, and which contain explanations for the spelling rules in the comments section.

Both the editorial duties in the The Medical Journal of Mustafa Kemal University and the consultancy duties carried out during the evaluation process are duties that our academician professors perform on a completely voluntary basis, without any compensation.

Therefore, both our editors and our consultants spend their precious time, which they can spend in other areas, to evaluate the works of our esteemed authors, to clear them of errors and to improve them, and make various suggestions.

In order for the evaluation process to run smoothly, sufficient time is allowed for both accepting the work and evaluation, after the invitation is sent to the consultants. Our consultants, who have administrative duties in addition to their academic duties, educational activities, personal publications and research studies, are expected to complete the evaluation according to their eligibility status. It is also taken into account that they have the right to rest by taking annual leave and that they are sometimes unable to work due to health problems.

If they do not return to the invitation within the expected time, a reminder message is sent, and sometimes after the invitation is accepted, additional time is given for evaluation according to the nature of the work.

Therefore, it is not possible for each study to complete the evaluation process automatically and within the same period of time.

The dates defined as "Duty Ending Date" by the Dergipark system are in no way binding on the editorial board of The Medical Journal of Mustafa Kemal University, and as explained above, the Dergipark system does not have the authority to intervene or set a period for the editorial processes carried out on a completely voluntary basis.

"Expiry date of the editor's term" appears as a pathological concept regarding a manuscript draft in the "Editor".

In this context, we thank our esteemed authors for your understanding that not to engage in polemics over illogical concepts such as "Editor's Term of Office", that such polemics cause waste of effort to evaluate the studies and may result in the return of the manuscript.

If it is determined that the manuscript drafts sent to our journal for evaluation are sent to another journal at the same time or are in the process of evaluation in another journal within the same period, this situation will be shared with the Interuniversity Board Presidency and the Ethics Committees of YÖK. Thank you for your sensitivity in this matter.

The Medical Journal of Mustafa Kemal University has been accepted to the Tübitak Ulakbim Medical Directory (TR Index) as of 2020, and we thank those who contributed to our journal's reaching this point.

As The Medical Journal of Mustafa Kemal University  we strive to fulfill the article evaluation criteria, ethical and general publishing principles and journal evaluation criteria requested by TR Index at the highest level in the editorial processes. We thank our esteemed authors and consultants for their sensitivity in this matter.

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