Volume: 50 Issue: 2, 8/27/20

Year: 2020

Original Article

Research Article

4. Evaluation of excipients effects on the impurity profile of lyophilized hydroxocobalamin formulation

Research Article

6. Evaluation of in vitro anti-cancer effects of Styphnolobium japonicum root extract in human colon (HT-9), brain (U-87), and prostate (PC-3) cancer cell lines

Research Article

8. Nootropic herbal formulations for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease: In vivo pharmacological assay and molecular docking studies

Research Article

9. The inhibitory effects of plant extracts, vitamins and amino acids on myeloperoxidase activity

Short Paper

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12. Determination of chlorpheniramine enantiomers in pharmaceutical formulations by HPLC on chiral column with PDA detection