Author Guidelines

All correspondence will be sent to the first-named author unless otherwise specified. Manuscpript is to be submitted online via that can be accessed at  It must be accompanied by a title page specifying the article category (i.e. research article, review etc.) and including information about the manuscript (see the Submission Checklist), and cover letter. Manuscripts should be prepared in Microsoft Word 2003 and upper versions. In addition, Copyright Transfer Form that has to be signed by all authors must be submitted.

  1. The journal publishes manuscrits in Turkish, English, German or French. Preferably, the manuscript should not exceed 10,000 words (not including notes) and 120 notes.
  2. Manuscript should be written in MS Word format, double-spaced and in 11 point Times New Roman font. We kindly ask you not to send a pdf file. The title should be written with capital letters (12 point, bold), sub-headings in lower case letters (11 point, bold).
  3. Research and review articles, as well as articles in translation should each include on its title page two abstracts (in the language of article and in English) of 100-150 words each. Key words (max. 10 words each) will also be provided underneath both of the abstracts. No abstract and bibliography are needed for research notes, addendum, book & scientific meeting reviews, and letters to the editor. While uploading addendum, book review and letter to the editor files on the DergiPark system, please enter the first paragraph of the article in the abstract section.
  4. Appendixes, with related bibliographical references,are placed after the main text, and before the bibliography. Their references should be included in the bibliography.
  5. Centuries and dates should be written in full: fifteenth century, 29 October 1923. For dates please use BCE and CE in English texts, AEC and EC in French texts, and MÖ and MS in Turkish texts.
  6. Short quotations should be given between double quotes within the paragraph. Long quotations (10 points) should have double indentation on the left (only), without quotes.
  7. Figures and images should include captions with related bibliographical references. 
    Bibliographical references mentioned in the captions should be included in the bibliography
    Their captions should be incorporated within the text, and not be collected at the end of the manuscript. Also, they should be separately uploaded to DergiPark system. Captions  of images and figures should be numbered separately. Captions should be in 9 points.
  8. Notes and bibliography must be in line with journal’s reference style based on Chicago Manual of Style (16th edition).
  9. Notes (8 point) should be given at the bottom of every page, signalled by superscript numbers in the main text. Reference numbers should follow the punctuation marks (.35 ,23).
  10. Submitted manuscripts and abstracts should be conformed with the grammar and orthography of the language (Turkish, English, German and French) in which they were written. English and French language editing will not be provided by the editor. Non-English and non-French speaking authors are kindly invited to consult language editing services before sending their manuscript and abstract.
  11. A title page including author information must be submitted together with the manuscript. The title page is to include fully descriptive title of the manuscript and, affiliation, title, e-mail address, postal address, phone, fax number of the author(s) and ORCIDs of all authors (see The Submission Checklist).