Time Statistics

Acceptance-Rejection Statistics Time Statistics

Statistic Number of Articles Calculated Average Time (Day)
Article Submission - Withdraw: 1 29
Article Submission - Return: 0 0
Article Submission - First Editor Assignment: 15 42
First Editor Assignment - Acception Decision Statistic
Peer review: 6 80
Non peer review: 5 159
First Editor Assignment - Rejection Decision Statistic
Peer review: 0 0
Non peer review: 3 138
Article Submission - Acception Decision Statistic
Peer Review: 6 98
Non Peer Review: 5 220
Article Submission - Rejection Decision Statistic
Peer Review: 0 0
Non Peer Review: 3 200

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The National and Applied Gerontology Association (NASAG) is a leading non-profit organization in Türkiye that promotes healthy and productive aging via evidence-based research. The utilization of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research in gerontology is crucial in integrating research, practice, and policy, given the need for evidence-based programming to improve the quality of life in old age. As an advocate for social action for older people, the NASAG is particularly concerned that public policies are strongly and genuinely focused on supporting and protecting the most vulnerable, marginalized, or disadvantaged older people.

The NASAG has been a member of the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG) since 2007.