For Editors


1.  Journal of Engineering Technology and Applied Sciences: An International Journal is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal which is published three times per year. Papers can be written in Turkish or English. Scientific and original articles in fundamental and engineering areas are published in the journal.

2.    Articles which are sent to publish in the journal can be written in Turkish or English. Articles which will be published in the journal should be proper with writing and linguistic rules. Scientific and linguistic responsibilities of the articles published in this journal belong to the author(s).

3.    All articles should be sent via web site of the journal ( Author(s) should prepare their article proper to publication rules of the journal and ethical rules. Articles which are not proper to rules are not evaluated. Articles published or submitted for publication elsewhere are not evaluated.

4.    Articles sent to the journal are presented the evaluation of two referees by editorial board decision. Articles sent to the journal are published by editorial board decision after the referees’ positive opinion is taken.

5.    During the layout process is running, author(s) should reply the messages, which are about controlling and editing article, within the specified period. If author(s) don’t reply the messages within the specified period, their article is postponed to following issue.

6.    Articles that completed their evaluation process, are published considering their arrival date.

7.    More than one articles of one author are not published in same issue.