Volume: 1 - Issue: 4

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    November 2020

    Articles in DergiPark:      419,200
    Articles in JHSM:                    206
    Accepted:                                163
    Acceptance Ratio of JHSM:  79%

    Title: Journal of Health Sciences and Medicine

    E-ISSN: 2636-8579
    NLM Title Abbreviation: J Health Sci Med
    ISO Title Abbreviation: J Health Sci Med
    Other Titles: JHSM
    Category: Health Sciences
    DOI: 10.32322/jhsm.
    Peer Review: Double-blind
    Review Speed: 1-3 months
    Publication Format: Electronic
    Publication Policy: Open Access; COPE Guide
    Publication Type: Periodicals
    Publication Language: English